Build an engaged and capable workforce that achieves faster growth

Partner with us to streamline and expand your people data, enabling the creation of customised programmes that promote behavioural adaptation within your workforce, ensuring long-term growth and success.


Build an engaged and capable workforce that achieves faster growth

Partner with us to streamline and expand your people data, enabling the creation of customised programmes that promote behavioural adaptation within your workforce, ensuring long-term growth and success.






Successful companies know how to use data to engage and motivate their people for faster growth

Human Insight Data Strategy

Use data to enhance long-term engagement and growth

Unlock the power of people data to cultivate sustained engagement and faster growth. Build your own lake of human insight data, enabling accelerated results today by designing targeted development programmes, while strategically anticipating future capability and mindset needs critical for long-term success.

How it is done.

1. Diagnosis. Identifying the current landscape and the capabilities required to deliver on your company's immediate priorities whilst aligning to long-term goals.

2. Creating your Human Insight Data Strategy that outlines the data needed to align all people aspects of the company, from company wide engagement to individual development.

3. Building your assessment and survey base. This will include your full range of surveys and assessments that will identify immediate opportunities whilst building your own lake of data to be used for longer-term initiatives and goals.

Types of surveys and assessments we can deliver, all adding to your own lake of Human Insight Data.

Employee Engagement Survey

Gain valuable insights into the pulse of your organisation, understand employee sentiments, and identify opportunities for improvement. Foster a thriving workplace culture and boost productivity by harnessing the power of data-driven employee feedback. Drive positive change and elevate employee satisfaction with our comprehensive engagement survey tailored to meet your organisation's needs.

Culture Survey

Imagine the possibility of obtaining a comprehensive assessment of your organisation's culture, and what is truly valued, by asking your employees just four straightforward questions, requiring a mere 10 minutes of their time.

Team Assessment

Learn the actual performance and effectiveness of your team using our distinctive Team 360 Feedback tool, providing insights into how a team is perceived both by its stakeholders and its own members.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership impact evolves with time, influenced by individual growth and external circumstances. Effectiveness in leadership demands a proactive approach, urging leaders to actively seek feedback on their contributions to both successes and challenges, as well as their influence on the people around them. Our leadership assessments offer a 360 perspective on performance and development opportunities.

Manager 360 feedback

People’s intentions may not consistently align with the impact they create. By consistently seeking feedback, we can pinpoint potential gaps and discover opportunities for improvement. The 360 feedback assessment we offer not only delivers valuable insights into current performance but also serves as a catalyst for driving meaningful change by reinforcing desired actions.

Equip your people

Your people are your biggest asset. Enable them to lead your company's next stage of growth.

Leadership Development Programmes

Empower your workforce with a transformative approach to leadership— one that embraces future-fit principles and capabilities. Our specialisation lies in crafting and executing leadership programmes that surpass the conventional by not only equipping leaders but also embedding meaningful behavioural change.

Our programmes seamlessly integrate new mindsets and skills, aligning with your company culture and long-term goals.

Our approach involves four key steps:

1. Accurate Diagnosis: We begin by conducting a precise diagnosis of your current organisational landscape and identifying the capabilities required to deliver on company strategy and long-term goals.

2. Lean and Agile Design: Our design process is lean and agile, aligning all capabilities and mindsets with your company's short and long-term goals.

3. Seamless Delivery: Programs are seamlessly delivered, integrated into participants' daily routines, and tailored to diverse learning styles.

4. Embed Behavioural Adaptation: We emphasise positive reinforcement to embed the new mindset, skills and behaviours effectively.

In terms of delivery, our team of expert coaches and facilitators can lead the programmes. Alternatively, if you have in-house facilitators, we offer training for them, allowing you to focus on backend support.

New Starter Programmes

Empower your new employees to make an impact right from the start. We help you design tailored training programmes centred around the behaviours and skills necessary for delivering exceptional results within your company. This capability-building initiative is grounded in four core pillars:

1. Emphasis on the company's purpose and values, translating them into practical day-to-day behaviours and principles.

2. Alignment with both short-term priorities and long-term goals of the company, showcasing how the new employee will effectively contribute to these objectives.

3. Focused capability development, identifying and addressing the individual's needs for success. We adapt learning content seamlessly into day-to-day activities, considering diverse learning styles.

4. Embrace a data-driven approach for continuous growth and development.

By instilling these principles, your organisation will unlock the potential of every individual, fostering a culture where innovation thrives and effective leaders emerges.

Together, we can propel your workforce to new heights, ensuring sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.


Consistent high performance come from collective commitment fuelled by individual action

High Performance Teams

Every business aspires to cultivate an environment where team members collaborate seamlessly for enhanced overall performance. Achieving effective teamwork, however, presents challenges such as hybrid work structures, potential differences in communication style and work preferences, diverse perspectives, and the alignment of general goals.

By empowering your teams to elevate their collective commitment, focus on the future, and devise effective ways of working will enable them to deliver more with less, at an accelerated pace.

Through our transformative approach, using human insight data and a lean and agile design, we cultivate a culture of continuous growth and collaboration within your teams. We equip them with the tools and mindset to think strategically, anticipate future trends, and proactively shape outcomes. By fostering a future-oriented mindset, your teams will unlock their full potential, driving innovation and deliver results that surpass expectations.

We provide a customised approach, tailoring the engagement to meet your specific requirements in terms of time, depth, and tools. Collaboratively, we'll design a team intervention aligned with your company values and goals.

Ready to build a capable and engaged workforce? Here's how we'll get you there:

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2. Get the data-driven insights and your plan to build your high performance organisation

3. Experience faster growth through consistent high performance

Why work with us

We use data to drive action and motivation.

At i-BIMP we view organisational performance a bit differently. We are looking to the future, we challenge conventional methods and will create programmes that will build skills and embed meaningful change through seamless integration to day-to-day operations. All based on data.

Creating a culture of consistent high performance requires innovative leaders and empowered teams who understand how to focus on long-term goals whilst delivering on short term priorities and the behavioural capabilities that underpin success.

This can only happen when accurate human insight data is analysed and used as the basis for the capability building and team performance programmes.
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