The Smart Way to Grow Your Business

Creating customised, data-backed, quality-focused, sustainability-minded business assessments & plans that grow with you.

Running a business is a lot like climbing a mountain:

  • Set your sites on your next adventure.
    (Visualise the business you want.)
  • Figure out what trail you need to take to reach the top.
  • Gather the appropriate gear & guides you need to make the trek.
  • Lace up your boots and off you go!​

Sounds easy enough. But –

Unlike the seasoned hiker, entrepreneurs too often start the climb without the tools and support they need to reach the top.

And as easy as it is to get sucked into the day-to-day tasks of business ownership & lose sight of the bigger vision… 

You’re left in a vicious loop of reactive hustle and abandoned big ideas. Not the sustainable business primed for profits and growth.

And after years of coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders out of those vicious loops…

I decided to do what I teach my clients: take advantage of the opportunities!

Hello! I’m Hanna Girling, founder of i-BIMP.

And a firm believer that together, we can do (so much) better.

The most successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses keep their focus on two things:
People & Systems.

Two things even very skilled & caring business coaches tend to overlook.

Business owners instead are taught to: “Focus on marketing & sales.”

i-BIMP bridges the gap between business owners and their goals by providing them with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions.

The BIMP Method™

Now, entrepreneurs & small business owners are given a data-driven analysis of their businesses – which looks at the business performance & client experience. 

Business owners receive a step-by-step growth plan. Helping them better focus their efforts & resources. Which allows them to build a profitable & sustainable business that positively impacts the world.

What exactly does i-BIMP stand for?

→Intelligent Business IMProvement

i-BIMP stands for growing your business the intelligent way. 
(Maybe not the catchiest thing, but we value clarity – and know you do too.)

We didn't get a lot of experience in acupuncture school for business. I've always needed a little extra help with figuring out the big picture stuff.

I feel like I have a much better plan moving forward! It’s not only relevant to what I'm doing now, but it feels like a layout I can look at later & can continue to keep using it.” 

- Lisa Borg Anderson

Grow your business strategically with –

The BIMP Method™

The business assessment process which provides clarity on your current business performance. 

And includes strategic coaching focused on helping you achieve profitable & sustainable growth.

Suggestions based on data and the client experience. 

Want to know more? Pick your business path:

Here's how you can work with us

We can't wait to help you get your profits soaring.

For entrepreneurs and business who are not yet paying themselves consistently

Our in-demand 4-week program gives you a roadmap to reliable revenue and more profits.

Your bespoke action plan together with support from our experienced coaches makes implementation easy and you will always be clear on where you need to focus to grow your revenue and profits.



For entrepreneurs who wants to get their expenses in order kick-start their profits and pay

This 4-hr intensive gets things done! Together with one of our expert coaches you will optimise your expenses, remove profit stealers and implement the systems that will allow you to create an always profitable business and kick-start your profits and pay. Click below to schedule your bootcamp now.


For established women entrepreneurs generating reliable 6-figure revenue

Our 3-month high-touch program helps established entrepreneurs implement a profit system in their business that allows them to instantly grow their profits and pay themselves the salary they've envisioned for themselves.. 
​Click below to get started on your journey to paying yourself what you need to thrive!


A profitable business with meaningful impact – without working more.